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    The FLO MOMENT is brought to you by Beth Schoenfeldt, founder of FLOinc and co-written by Amy Swift. FLOinc's mission is to enhance and propel your forward movement in the areas of your life where you desire change or more success. We offer workshops and coaching to move you into a flow, a place where you clearly see where you are going and are able to identify problems or roadblocks that have prevented you from getting there. Whether it's relationships, work, personal projects, or lifelong dreams, whether you want to fall in love, change or enhance your career path, increase your cash flow, or realize more success we'll look at your strengths and interests and create a life especially tailored to your dreams, goals, fantasy's and delights. Get into the groove, into the game...into the FLO...your life is right now so enjoy it! Amy Swift is a brand strategist and writer specializing in developing unique and effective brand voices, key messages, marketing copy and corporate images.

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    Monday, January 16, 2006

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    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Libby's Lessons

    "The political mind is the product of men in public life who have been twice
    spoiled. They have been spoiled with praise and they have been spoiled with
    abuse. With them, nothing is natural, everything is artificial."
    --Calvin Coolidge
    Old man Coolidge may be making a pretty grandiose assertion; surely there
    are politicians who are genuine and authentic (somewhere out there), but
    with the current set of scandals rocking the White House, it's hard not to
    agree. Scooter Libby, our Vice Presidents closest advisor, is the latest
    casualty of his own loose lips. We ask, is it politics that corrupts even
    well-intentioned people? Or, are the ethically challenged particularly
    attracted to politics? Whatever your view of current goings on, we use this
    is as a metaphor. Power is a tool that must be used wisely and thoughtfully.
    A popular, well liked girl may have dozens of friends at her beck and call.
    But, let's say she takes advantage of her exalted position and abuses
    someone's trust just because she can, or because it will advance her
    profile. We are all in positions of power in our own lives. We have the
    power to sink someone's career or reputation, to hurt a friend’s feelings,
    to break a heart, to gossip and start a chain of events that eventually
    detonates in some unassuming person's life. It seems that people, even with
    the best intentions, can get heady, arrogant and feel immune to
    consequences. Integrity starts one person at a time. Ideally, we need to
    ask this not only from our representatives, but of ourselves. The more
    people who have it, the more people will demand it of others, including
    those in government. It doesn't mean we won't make mistakes, have
    disagreements or stick a foot in the mouth now and then, but if we start out
    with the highest ideal, with a willingness to play fairly, even if it means
    losing, then we have the right to ask that of our friends, families,
    colleagues and leaders. Let's not get so used to scandal and negative
    politics that we become numb, or less committed to our own high standards.
    So what can we learn from the Libby let-down?

    Ask yourself what the intentions are behind your actions. Libby's
    intentions are still vague, but we know he may have passed on information
    that would have punished one of his harshest critics. Haven’t we all been
    tempted to do something like this in a fit of anger or frustration? But
    remember, you might never have to answer to a grand jury, but you do answer
    to yourself.

    Aim high and clean up your messes. If you do your genuine best and fail,
    take responsibility and make attempts to repair the damage. Continuing to
    lie when someone is on to you only digs a deeper grave. As Martha Stewart
    learned, the cover up is ALWAYS worse than the story.

    Check yourself, and then check your leaders or those who influence you.
    If you're living the most authentic way that you know how, then feel
    righteous about asking the same of your leadership - personal, political,
    local or national. Start with number one (you) and work outward. Perhaps
    this will start a chain of events that keeps even the White House above the
    moral poverty line.

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Comandress In Chief

    Gena Davis is staring as the first female president of the United States on
    the TV show "Commander In Chief", it seems she has finally found, after much
    searching, the role in which she seems born to play. Despite your feelings
    about the quality of writing or its creative direction, the show goes out on
    a limb portraying a woman in the highest office in the land. The debut of
    this show, has unearthed a can of worms and sparked a national debate
    regarding whether a lady in the White House is realistic or science fiction.
    According to a recent Marist/WNBC poll 28% of Americans say they're not
    likely to vote to put any real-life woman in the Oval Office, 36% of men
    over 45 turn thumbs down on a woman president - while women under 45 (41%)
    are most enthusiastic. Whatever the reality quotient, watching a woman in
    this position, with her husband as first gentleman, has opened a valuable
    dialogue and is leading the way to new ways of thinking...just like Star
    Trek foretold space travel. What is imagined can actually happen especially
    when you put it into a medium that reaches millions of people on a day to
    day basis. In fact, people are already throwing Condoleezza Rice and Hilary
    Clinton out as potential presidential candidates...running against each
    other. Plenty of other countries have elected women as their leaders, from
    Margaret Thatcher in the UK, Golda Mier in Israel and Indira Ghandi in India
    so why not here?

    Imagine it! If you want something to happen, imagine it, write the
    story...create your own TV show or movie about it. The manifestation of
    something, even if it’s in your imagination, is one step closer to the
    actualization. Would a woman be more effective as President? Maybe it is
    time to find out.

    Embrace the feminine and what that looks like in such a powerful role.
    The feminine is more about understanding and less about fighting; more about
    enjoyment and less about production. Both the masculine and the feminine are
    important and valid, but the world has become out of balance towards the
    masculine...look what we are doing to the ultimate feminine, mother nature.
    It is time for all of us, both men and women, to get in touch with our
    feminine sides...the softer side.

    Break barriers. Remember when the 4 minute mile was broken? Right after,
    several others broke it as well because the mental barrier had been lifted.
    Is there something you desire that people say can't be done? Who says? It
    only takes one person to change the reality of many, and the scale can be
    international, national or local. Barriers start in the mind - but they can
    end there too!

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Doing It Your Way

    Do you ever find yourself do I become the next Oprah, the
    next Kate Spade or the next Cindy Sheehan? Our culture focuses so much
    attention on success and our schools strive to teach the precise steps
    necessary for being successful, but what we have discovered at Ladies Who
    Launch is that there is no one way. According to any business school, in
    order to build a successful business you must have a comprehensive business
    plan, you should plan ahead for your exit strategy and focus on
    productivity; these are just a few of the mantras mainstream business people
    like to preach...and for some people, they work. But for women, who are
    fundamentally different than men in so many ways, they start businesses and
    projects for all together different reasons and with in very different ways.
    Speakers at our Ladies Who Launch LIVE event this Thursday are living,
    breathing examples of alternative ways of launching. For example, Jeanine
    Lobell, founder of Stila cosmetics, went from make up artist to makeup mogul
    eventually selling her company to Estee Lauder; all while doing charity work
    and raising four children...without a business plan or investors. Another
    speaker, Georgia Lee, left Harvard Business School to pursue her dream of
    making a film and won Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival,
    while everyone, including her family, encouraged her to follow the safe and
    traditional route. Women over the world are launching "their way;" paving
    the way all of us to do things in wildly unconventional ways and through
    non-traditional means. For more inspiration, come to the Ladies Who Launch
    LIVE event at Lotus this Thursday October 20th or if you can’t make it, sign
    up to receive the weekly emails on Ladies Who Launch No matter what you're launching; your life, your
    profession, your hobby, your art, your craft or your product, this event
    will not only give you the motivation you need to keep going, but show you
    that the experience does not have to be grueling and back breaking. Women do
    best when they have a good time, enjoy the process, relish the journey and
    acknowledge their progress along the way. Here's the least of what you'll
    discover at the event:

    Entrepreneurship and creativity are contagious. Just like when you talk
    about what is wrong with you...feeling fat, tired, broke...others will start
    to question themselves. The positive is also contagious. If you want to
    move forward in a positive and profitable direction, the best thing to do is
    surround yourself with others that are enjoying their life and moving

    Just do it! If they can do it so can you. Who says you can't be the
    next Oprah, the next Kate Spade, the next Jeanine Lobell, Georgia Lee or
    Nell Merlino (founder of Take Your Daughters to Work Day). Why can't you
    start a movement of epic proportions...someone is going to do it and we say
    why not you?

    It can and should be fun. We are so programmed to think that success and
    work have to be linked to hardship and sacrifice, when we have all the tools
    to make it otherwise. Women especially are more creative and inspired when
    they are having fun and connecting with others…the event will be a great
    chance to do both!
    Hope to see you on Thursday!

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Mier's Style Council

    Welcome to the FLO MOMENT...where once a week we respond to your burning
    questions with answers that will move your life in great directions. Let
    other people's break-ups, let downs, career catastrophe's and
    relationship-rehab be all the education you need!

    As we watched Harriet Miers accept the Supreme Court nomination, our first
    thought wasn't "is she really a conservative?" or "will she overturn Roe vs.
    Wade?", or even "is she really the best possible candidate that Bush could
    find? Our first question was, why does her black eyeliner resemble Keith
    Richards? And where (or rather why) did she get that outfit? Our point is
    that sometimes content can be obscured by a distracting, dated or
    inappropriate style. There is a reason that celebrities spend the big bucks
    on stylists. When Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts and even style icon Nicole
    Kidman first moved to Hollywood they were known for the opposite style
    savvy, but with the help of professionals, they now consistently make the
    best dressed list. As a result, they get better jobs, make more money and
    suffer much less ridicule than say Daryl Hannah or Britney Spears, who can't
    seem to get it together even with all the resources in the world. For
    example, Michael Moore's recent clean-up lends credibility to a voice that
    has previously been shrouded in baseball caps and sloppy gym clothes and
    Hilary Clinton managed to make a complete turnaround from frumpy to
    politically correct sophistication that serves her well for her ambitions.
    We're not advocating conformity; au contraire. Bjork has a personal style
    that could very well startle a circus freak, but as an avant-garde artist it
    works perfectly for her. Here are a few suggestions for Ms. Miers that you
    may find helpful:

    Personal style sends a message. What are you trying to say to the
    world? Is that coral lipstick you've been wearing since college still
    working for you? Does your suit scream "sale at Talbot’s"? Are you dressing
    more like a legal secretary than the Supreme Court candidate that you are?
    The book "Dress for Success" was right on when they said that how you
    present yourself has a direct correlation to your ability to advance in the
    world, so even if you think it is shallow, your presentation IS worth some
    time, attention and investment.

    Have FUN. The only way to develop a unique and effective style is to
    experiment and try new things. Do something that makes you happy when you
    catch a glimpse of your reflection, take a risk by trying something that you
    have seen in the fashion magazines but were always afraid to wear or branch
    out and wear red instead of black. Fashion and style are forms of
    expression, so make sure that yours is communicating what you are really

    Get help. Don't be embarrassed if it just isn't your forte...not
    everyone is even interested in such things. Luckily there are people out
    there that can help you craft a look that reflects your style, persona and
    aspirations. Image consultants, personal stylists or even a talented friend
    can help you shop or put things together in a new way, so don't be afraid to
    ask for help. Harriet, we suggest you dial 411 to our friends Jenny Gering
    at, Allison Berlin at or if you
    are in LA call West Coast Style Council at 917-208-8306.